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Rewards to agents.

Terms and conditions.

  • #We pay for transactions on your recommendation

    1.Any user at who has a Buyer account may be a sales agent and receive a reward from the seller of the product.   The amount of compensation is determined by the seller as a percentage of the value of the goods.

    2. The agent's job is to recommend the goods from the trading platform through their agent link. You can send out promotional letters, write messages on the forums,   write ads in online message boards, place contextual ads on websites. In all messages, specify your agent reference.

    If the customer entered the trading platform on your link and made a purchase with payment online from any seller giving the provision, you will immediately be credited   remuneration.

    Important note, the purchase must be made only when you go to the trading platform on your link!


    Also you can get an agent link if you enter your password and click on the link 'Earn' under the price of the product.

    Payment of the reward occurs in the PayPal system. The seller himself pays the designated percentage to the agent.



    #Web masters.

    #Webmasters and site owners are offered a partner banner. Copy the text from this window and paste it into your site in a convenient place. In order for your partner code to enter the banner code, you must first log into the website under your password.

    #Code to insert a banner:



    <a target='_blank' href=' '><img src=' ' border=' 0 ' /></a>


    Code of the block with the goods for insertion on the site:

    <IFRAME SRC='' WIDTH=810 HEIGHT=200 NAME='iframe' SCROLLING='auto' NORESIZE frameborder=no>
    <SCRIPT>'','iframe','top=0, left=0,width=810,height=200,directories=no,status=no, scrollbars=no,resize=no,menubar=no')</SCRIPT> </IFRAME>

    The block width of 800px, the height of 200px, will look like this :

    The block will be active and bring you revenue from the transition from your sites. To activate the unit, you must log in with your login.

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