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Free International Board for selling digital goods


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How it works

The sequence of actions on the trading floor

In order to buy ready-made sites on simply register as a buyer and get in touch with the seller.

In order to sell ready-made sites on the trading platform, you first need to register as a seller, then access and enter the control panel for the seller. Through the control panel for the seller place an announcement about the sale of the site, confirm ownership of the site being sold in any way proposed in the control panel, pay for the placement if this requirement for certain categories of goods.

How to sell

  • Register as a seller.
  • Get access to the control panel for the seller
  • Place an ad for sale of the ready site
  • Verify ownership of the site being sold

    How to buy

  • Register as a buyer
  • Contact the seller
  • To purchase website
  • Get a ready site including the ownership of the site, program files, access codes

  • Important notes!

    If the buyer needs to transfer the purchased site to his hosting, he can contact the services of our trading platform where he can get for an additional fee help to install or transfer the purchased site to his hosting.


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