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The list of services that can be ordered here by any client of the trading platform

  • Registration of domain names and hosting of sites on servers located in Germany.
  • Installation of the site from the set of files that the client bought on the trading floor.
  • Installation of design for the site that the customer bought on the trading floor.
  • Transfer of the finished site to another hosting.
  • SEO optimization of the purchased site.

To order services, the customer must fill out the form below and send a request for the service.The processing time of the request takes from one to three working days, but the deadline can be extended if the specialists are very busy.

After the request has been processed by specialists, the customer will receive a response indicating the cost of the work. It may also require additional information from the customer, for example, to describe the task in more detail to specialists.

For registration of domain names that our partner performs, we will necessarily need information about the data of the passport or other identity document.

Payments for services rendered are always paid by

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